CareCella All in One Bio Mist

All in One Bio Mist

All in One Biomist, Improves the elasticity of the skin, whitens the skin, moisturizes the skin and is an anti-wrinkle mist. High functional ingredients like adenosine, niacinamide, hyaluronic acids and other plant extracts are its foundation. Ginseng Saponin - Compound K makes Bio Mist shine in comparison with other mists in the market.

What is special about All in One Bio Mist?

If you had only one spray in your CareCella arsenal, what would it be? CareCella All in One Bio Mist is probably the one you will choose. This mist can be used for moisturizing, repair against the elements, brightening the skin and even help protect against the effects of aging and strengthen the skin.

Many high quality ingredients are added in CareCella Bio Mist. Compound K is very expensive. So expensive no other competitors include it in their cosmetic line-up. (Although Compound K is Ginseng... Ginseng Extract does NOT necessarily contain Compound K). 

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  1. SHAKE the product well before use.

  2. Due to the high All-in-One Biomist concentration, 2~3 Sprays should provide sufficient mist to cover the entire face.

  3. This spray can be applied before or after makeup.

What other product do you recommend?

After rinsing off the residue of Skin Innovator, typically the next step is to use CareCella Hydration Balance Toner and next apply Hydration Intensive Serum from the Hydration Basic Set.