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Compuesto k es ginseng.

El mayor descubrimiento de ginseng es compuesto K. Ever wondered why Ginseng works in some people and not in others? Researchers have discovered that Ginseng Saponins need to be converted microbially in our intestines to convert to Compound K where it is then absorbed into the body. It is the reason why young fresh ginseng do not contain Compound K. Very old mountain ginseng contains only a minute amount of Compound K and that is the only reason why it is so expensive. However, General Bio has the patent to bio-convert Ginseng to Compound K. Compound K is Ginseng but not all Ginseng contains Compound K.

Su Ginseng contiene Compuesto K?

CK Balane H

CK Balance H

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CK Balance Power Compound K

CK Balance Power

100% Extracto de ginseng hidrolizado

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