GCoop Nano Collagen


Nano Collagen molecules (< 1000 Da) are extracted from fish scales and have a high absorption rate. Nano Collagen also helps provide protein and collagen for healthy skin as well as anti-aging benefits. Nano Collagen also contains vitamin C and B6. (It contains real Peach extract to help hide the fish scent.)

* Nano Collagen is a dietary supplement to enhance health benefits. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Check with your doctor prior to consumption if pregnant or nursing, if you have certain medical conditions or if taking with other medications (ie. blood pressure medications, anti-coagulants, etc.). Check the ingredients if you have any allergic conditions.

Why do we need Nano Collagen?

Collagen is an essential part of our body: eyes, teeth, muscle and tendons, nails, joints and bones, and skin In comparison with larger collagen sold in the market, Nano Collagen is able to absorb easier into our body making collagen more accessible to the organs. Another key difference with General Balance Nano Collagen is that it comes from Fish Scales and not Porcine Skin. Collagen (Hyp-Containing Peptide) derived from fish scales were found in greater concentration in the body.


Silver Fish
Three generations of women

What are the benefits of taking Nano Collagen?

As we grow older, collagen production in our body naturally decreases. Skin, hair, bones, joints and cartilages are all affected and weakened during the aging process. Taking Nano Collagen will boost our health in many ways. Experience the rejuvenating effects of Nano Collagen.

How to take Nano Collagen?

  1. It can be taken before or after meals.

  2. 1 packet dissolved in 100 ml of water daily

* One can mix Nano Collagen with lowfat milk, grapefruit juice or any other juices will make consumption of Nano Collagen even more pleasurable.

** For some individuals taking other medications, please consult a physician before taking.

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Any other recommended dietary supplements?

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