CareCella Prestige T11

The Prestige line of CareCella products take functional cosmetics to another level. Prestige T11 Cream reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity, hydrates and brightens the skin. Prestige T11 is highly recommended for individuals who desire a concentrated effort for wrinkle care, anti-aging effects and skin improvement in elasticity. 

What is CareCella PrestigeT11?

Prestige T11 Cream is named after Finexell-T11 a combination of different peptides and extracts combined together for improving wrinkles and prevention of skin aging. The main ingredient Finexell T11 works by helping human fibroblast cells and human keratinocyte cells proliferate. Prestige T11 also contains supporting ingredients such as EGF, bFGF, IGF-1 VEGF, TGF-b1 and 5 peptide growth factors and more. Uridine along with Adenine helps support the skin. Diamond powder also helps create a bright complexion.



  1. Apply and massage Prestige T11 in the morning and evening.

  2. If applied in the morning, it is important to apply UV protecting sunscreen afterwards.

  3. The basic order of CareCella Prestige products are as follows:

    1. Hydration Toner​

    2. Prestige V10 Ampoule

    3. Prestige T11 Cream

    4. Sunscreen

If your skin is dry, it is recommended to apply CareCella Hydration Intensive Serum after you apply Prestige V10 Ampoule and before Prestige T11 Cream

What other product do you recommend?

CareCella Prestige V10 Ampoule is highly recommended for individuals who are looking to whiten and brighten the skin complexion.