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The active ingredient is Volufiline, a natural ingredient created by Sederma France. Bubble Toc Toc Serum will provide amazing results for especially men and women in their mid years. It will help improve the vitality of the skin and also brighten the skin. The result is a younger looking, smoth, supple and healthy skin.

Why Bubble Toc Toc?

As we age, everything starts to sag. Elasticity and collagen production is less, and loss of fat in the cheeks is seen. Thinning also occurs in the subcutaneous fat and epidermal layer. We need all the help we can get starting with hydration. Extra boost to the fat layer is assisted with Bubble Toc Toc. Volufiline is a plant based natural ingredient which stimulates the fat cells and shore up the subcutaneous fat layer. Other ingredients such as adenosine, Centella extract & soybean phyto placenta extract boosts the production of collagen and elastin. While Hyaluronic acid boosts the moisture content of the skin. Bubble Toc Toc is multi-functional skin serum. Definitely a must buy for individuals in their mid-years and more.

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  1. "Gently" apply it on to the face especially in the eye, neck, nose, and mouth area. If you rub it onto the skin from the beginning, there would be no bubbles, so lightly spread it out and wait for the bubbles to appear.

  2. When the fine bubbles appear, tap ("toc-toc") gently to absorb them into the skin.

  3. Finish it up by tapping (Toc Toc) the serum into the skin for one or two minutes.

What other product recommendations do you have with Bubble Toc Toc?

Typically we use CareCella Hydration Balance Toner followed with Hydration Intensive Serum before Bubble Toc Toc and afterwards Hydration Deep Emulsion can be used.  However some individuals with oily skin find the Deep Emulsion too much. So Bubble Toc Toc can be used instead of Deep Emulsion.

Another product which will complement your skincare regime is General Balance Nano Collagen. This is not a cosmetic rather it is a dietary supplement. Older individuals will benefit greatly from taking Nano Collagen to help the deficiencies in collagen production as we age.