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Venus Peel Powder & Serum

Venus Flower Basket is found deep in the sea where they are commonly known as glass sponges. General Bio has patented the Venus Flower Basket as a new material in the cosmeceutical world and discovered its use as a possible alternative to laser peel resurfacing at a fraction of the cost. Amazing results in wrinkle reduction and light scars have been noted while skin is rejuvenated.

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How does Venus Peel Powder and Serum work?

The high mineral content of the microneedles of 250 um is obtained and purified from the Venus Flower Basket. It is combined with the special Venus Peel Serum which contains 9 types of herbs including ginsenosides, aloe vera and green tea extract. Together it is applied on the face where the microneedles is implanted in the epidermis to help the serum and minerals infiltrate directly into the skin. Also, the constant skin stimulation results in collagen biosynthesis which promotes skin regeneration and enhances skin firmness. It also functions to help exfoliate the skin too.


  1. Cleanse the skin

  2. Open one VENUS PEEL POWDER and place half of the powder contents into an empty container. Add half of the contents of the VENUS PEEL SERUM and use a spatula to evenly mix the two. (use 0.35 g of powder and 2.5 mL of serum).

  3. Gently massage, avoiding eye and mouth areas.

  4. Rub gently (do not apply too much pressure!) onto your face as if gently massaging for about 1~2 minutes in the order of the forehead → nose → chin → cheeks and then lightly pat. If you rub too strongly for a long time, a lot of dead skin cells may be generated.

  5. After massage, leave it for 10-20 minutes to allow active ingredient and skin react well and wash with lukewarm water.

  6. Follow-up with hydration toner and calm the skin with a soothing pack.

  7. Complete the process by applying post care solution (restoring serum), cream, sunscreen, etc.

  8. Lightly wash your face with water in the morning of the following day.

  9. Always apply sunscreen before going outside.

  10. Apply the restoring serum for several days, let the dead skin cells fall off, and then moisturize your skin well and help it regenerate

*The time the venus peel is left on the skin varies between skin types and it is recommended to ask a CareCella representative or GCooper about your concerns.

** It is not recommended for sensitive types of skin - especially allergic skin types and skin that is easily has redness. Also people allergic to shellfish is not advised to use the product. For extra precautions please test on a small patch of skin such as forearm.

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What are the benefits of Venus Peel Powder and Serum

Carecella's Venus Peel Powder and Serum:

  1. Makes the skin clearer and brighter

  2. Exfoliates the skin

  3. Helps eliminate acne scars

  4. Helps eliminate fine line wrinkles

  5. Shrinks Pores revealing a younger and more vibrant skin

  6. Smoothens the skin texture

  7. Reduces skin pigmentation

  8. Improves elasticity of the skin

  9. Enhances absorption of minerals and other beneficial natural ingredients

What to do after using Venus Peel?

Typically the next step is to use CareCella Hydration Balance Toner from the Hydration Basic Set.

Afterwards it is recommended to use the CareCella Hydra Soothing Mask Pack and follow up with the Hydration Intensive Serum and Deep Emulsion.

Finally you must avoid directly sunlight and apply sunscreen to protect the skin from UV sunlight.