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Hydration Basic Skincare

Made with Natural Ingredients.

  1. Hydration Foam Cleanser 100mL

  2. Hydration Balance Toner 120 mL

  3. Hydration Intensive Serum 50 mL

  4. Hydration Deep Emulsion 120 mL

  5. CareCella Hydration BB cream 50 mL

Hydration Skincare Set Description

1. Foam Cleanser - a low acidity, plant derived foam cleanser that gently cleanses the skin.

2. Balance Toner - Deeply hydrates and nourishes skin to strengthen skin barrier for soft supple skin.

3. Intensive Serum - contains hyaluronic acid, known for its powerful moisturizing properties combined with other complexes: Soybean Phytoplacenta Extract, Inula Britannica Flower, Ginsenosides.

4.Deep Emulsion - Richly textured emulsion that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

5. BB Cream - Lightly textured with a matte finish that helps protect skin from sun exposure and evens out the skin tone with a natural beige tint.

Skincare Model


1.First wash your face in luke warm water with CareCella Hydration Foam Cleanser.

2. Apply CareCella Hydration Balance Toner to balance the pH of your skin to 5.5 and to even out the skin tone.

3. Next Apply CareCella Intensive Serum to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

4. Finally Apply CareCella Hydration Deep Emulsion to increase hydration and lock in the moisture.

5. BB Cream is best used before going out in the sun. It provides UV Block with SPF 50+, whitening, and wrinkle repair.

Any other recommended Korean Skincare products by CareCella?

First of all, congratulations on your first basic step to Korean Skincare. With routine use, you will notice a change in your skin immediately.

For men and women, we highly recommend using the Magic Peeling Gel before using anything. Afterwards we recommend using the Facial Lifting Gel. The Lifting Gel is amazing and will literally and physically lift your wrinkles. Afterwards you will follow-up with the basic skincare steps.