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A Natural Exfoliation with extras!

A 6 in 1 Korean skincare exfoliation product - Exfoliates, Tones, Improves Elasticity, Moisturizes, and Glow. It is very gentle on your skin and there are no harsh agents or scrubs that will physically strip your skin.

Why do I need to use Magic Peeling Gel?

Think of using Magic Peeling Gel as the first step before using any kind of lotions or performing other types of CareCella products such as Lifting Gel or Venus Peeling.

Exfoliating the skin takes out the layer of skin that is contaminated from the elements and provides the skin with a new slate for other products to take action. It will be easier for lotions and other nutrients to penetrate the skin 

Before using Magic Peeling Gel, you should first remove makeup and wash your face with Ecoer Snow Sulfur Soap. Dry your face and start applying the Magic Peeling Gel. Typically you will perform this in the evening.



  1. Apply Magic Peeling Gel liberally to "dry" skin.

  2. Massage the products into the entire face up to the hair line, beneath the jaw lines and neck. Leave the gel on the skin for a couple of minutes. You will know when to start messaging when you see the gel turn shiny or when you gently rub in a circular motion, you will start to see exfoliating skin particles form.

  3. Massage in the product for a couple of minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Cf.) If you don't see exfoliating particles there are couple of reasons: not enough gel, need longer wait time or simply your skin type has already a thin epidermal layer. With continued use, the exfoliating particles will lessen with each use.

What to do after Magic Peeling Gel?

Typically the next step is to use CareCella Hydration Balance Toner from the Hydration Basic Set.

Or you can use the Facial Lifting Gel, Venus Peel, or Sparkling Pack and afterwards use the Hydration Basic Set.