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Skin Innovator will create a clear breathable membrane when applied on your face. It will help rejuvenate the skin and protect the skin from the outside environment. Some people call it the "liquid skin" or even the "liquid bandaid" to the skin. It is safe to use anywhere on the body and contains beta-glucan, ginsenosides, allatoin and propolis wax which will help give skin its youthful luster.

Why do I need CareCella Skin Innovator?

Skin Innovator helps soothes and relieves dry skin. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier and relieves skin irritation by protecting the skin from the environment.

Ingredients like Beta-glucan, RG2, Propolis wax and Allantoin enhances the skin through its antioxidant properties. It protects and soothes and moisturize the skin.

As a facial mask, it will keep in the nutrients and moisture from your other skincare regimen and since it is breathable you can use it overnight and wash it off in the morning to supple radiant skin.

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  1. Evenly apply a thin layer of Skin Innovator onto the skin​

  2. When using on the face like a facial mask, you can remove it after 30 minutes to 1 hour by washing off the residue with lukewarm water.  However you can also leave it on the face until the following morning for an enhanced effect
  3. Finish by applying Hydration Toner and Serum

What to do after Skin Innovator?

After rinsing off the residue of Skin Innovator, typically the next step is to use CareCella Hydration Balance Toner and next apply Hydration Intensive Serum from the Hydration Basic Set.